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Roughneck of the Month


If there is one person we could pick and without a doubt know we are getting a man who is passionate about his job, but is also able to go home and love on every ounce of his family, Roy is our guy.

Roy has been married for 14 years and is the luckiest dad in the world to 4 amazing kids. When Roy isn’t at work, you might find him with his eyes glued to Food Network with his kitchen prepped and ready to whip up what he just saw take place before his very eyes. One might say he is THE grill master. The day goes even better with a win in the kitchen AND when his Oakland Raiders can pull out a win! He also enjoys working out and swimming to stay in tip top shape!

Roy has been studying for his Masters in Occupational Safety and Health at Columbia Southern University while working full time and taking care of his family. He will be a Certified Safety Professional once completed. Only 2 other people in his company have this certification. Roy believes that experience can only last so long and that having the knowledge he is gaining from these courses will be incredibly beneficial to the people he is serving.

Roy was a Navy Corpsman in the Elite Marine Force, taking care of a group of marines as a medical representative. Taking care of others is second nature to him and considers it an honor to take care of his fellow coworkers on a daily basis. Roy is a 2nd generation hard worker when it comes to life in the oilfield and has been in the field for 11 years. His father worked for his same company for a 26 years so he grew up around what he is seeing now. One thing that remains the same is how everyone truly cares about each other and their safety. Roy has a lovely wife and 4 beautiful kids to get home to – they are priority and it’s imperative that he gets home to them every day.

Roy is an influencer, safety leader, and team player. At the end of the day, it’s just a job and Roy realizes that most of his employees and coworkers will move on to do something else after they leave the oilfield and he just wants to see them do that safely and in one piece.

If he had to choose, RPS’s fleece pullover is Roy’s go-to product. His family’s as well. They can’t seem to stop stealing it from him because it is so comfortable! He wears it everywhere. RPS has always had a special place in Roy’s heart. He has great relationships with the RPS team and always feels like they have cared for him as a person. “It’s not just one product that takes care of me, it’s RPS as a whole. Everyone from the owners down to their customer service team is always ready and willing to move a mountain for me. They really value their customers."

One thing Roy loves to get across to his crew as often as possible is this: “Life is too precious to spend on nonsense or being grumpy, so please make yourself shine and care from the bottom of your heart for the people around you, because tomorrow is not promised."