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D3O SmartSkin Winter (Generation 2)

Price: $4.95

Unique and Patented high-performance impact absorbing material called D3O - up to 100% more protection than TPR

  • Maintains grip in slick conditions
  • Comfortable, flexible, breathable
  • Durable and resilient with a NEW abrasion level 4 palm
  • Machine washable
  • Oil-resistant
  • Waterproof liner
  • Thermal liner
  • Cold weather glove style intended for temperatures as low as -12 degrees F, or 24 degrees C

EN388 Tested: 4-1-2-1

EN13594 Tested: Both fingers and knuckle parts pass the extensive motorcycle safety impact test criteria (closest impact testing standard possible) at 3.4kN (fingers) and 3.0kN (knuckle).

D3O Smartskin; Generation 2; Cut/Sew; Black PVC Palm and deconstructed parts; Thinsulate Insulated and Water/Oil Proof Liner -- blue TPR cuff

D3O parts with 100% more protection than TPR; super durable / double layer palm than Gen 1; with D3O palm reinforcement; water and oil resistant and good to temps of -12?F